Neuroscience uses the term “sensory integration” to refer to converging information in the brain from one or more senses. A recent subspecialty in neuroscience is multisensory integration (MSI), in which the neural process combines sensory input from two or more different sensory modalities


Our experience of the world is multisensory with all the senses working together to send the brain information regarding its surrounding environment.

The brain depends on the integration of multisensory information. It integrates this information from the senses, giving us the ability to react optimally to the environment.

Multisensory stimulation promotes heightened attention, perceptual processing and memory and the ability to receive complete and coherent information from multiple senses provides the groundwork for the
development of perception, cognition and behavioral abilities, which are critical elements to the development of higher-level perceptual and cognitive functions. Children who did not demonstrate good multi-sensory Integration skills had weaker verbal processing scores.


Singular sensory integration occurs when only one sense is engaged. Multi-sensory Integration occurs when more than one sense is engaged. The first sensory therapies only targeted one sense at a time. However, the brain usually takes in information through multisensory integration. Multiple studies have found, in every case, that multi-sensory Integration works better and faster than singular sensory integration.

The brain integrates multisensory information to form our perception of the world. EEG’s and neuroimaging techniques have allowed the identification of numerous multisensory convergence zones in the brain that simultaneously receive information from multiple senses and is integrated by the brain to form a cohesive perception of the world.


The senses take in the world and communicate the information to the brain through sensory pathways. The brain then takes the information and processes it together and responds back out to the world. The complexities of the interaction between the brain and senses provide many opportunities for malfunction to occur ending with a wide range of symptoms including, behavioral, emotional, developmental and learning challenges- often labeled as different brain-based conditions or injuries.

One of the hardest challenges about Save Program is accepting how one treatment can solve so many problems. Dysfunction at the level of the senses can result from various causes and come in various forms including (1) the senses fail to take in the world clearly, (2) the senses fail to send the information clearly to the brain or (3) the brain may fail to integrated multisensory information. The bottom line is that each problem leads to the same endpoint – an inaccurate perception of the surrounding environment that is the root cause of inaccurate responses back by the brain.


Save Program was designed to improve the interaction between the brain and sensory system. This interaction is responsible for everything we do, think and feel.

Save Program takes longstanding methods and proven science and combines technology to make it more effective and efficient. In the past, sensory therapies took months to complete and could be difficult for the participant to do.

Save Program technology changes all that. It is a unique medical device that delivers a non-invasive, effort free, 5-day therapy, proven effective at treating a wide range of brain based conditions and symptoms. After the Save Program therapy, parents have watched their child speak for the first time, grandparents have regained their ability to recognize their grandchildren and students have no longer needed medication in order to focus and excel in school.

It’s not too good to be true- it’s the next evolution of therapy. Save Program takes longstanding methods and proven science and combines it with technology to make it more effective and efficient.


During therapy sessions the participant is in a dark room, reclining comfortably in the chair, while it moves gently, watching a series of colored animation on the computer screen and listening to music played at specific frequencies. Although it is a simple process, Save Program is stimulating 5 senses at once, an advanced capability that can overcome a multitude of possible dysfunctions in the interaction between the brain and senses, challenging the brain and senses to act in a new and different way.


Non-invasive, comfortable Treatment with No Negative Side Effects Seen


Only 2 hours per day for 5 Days & You’re Done No Ongoing Treatment


Just Sit, Look & Listen While Technology Does All the Work


Anyone Can Experience Improvements That Are Long Lasting

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